We offer a wide range of services that will cover all your connection and data needs.

SD-WAN Solutions

Unlock the potential of SD-WAN with our specialized solutions. NewGen Networks pioneers the implementation of Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technologies, providing unparalleled control and agility over your network. Experience enhanced connectivity, reduced latency, and streamlined operations with our SD-WAN expertise.

Implementation and Optimization: Seamless deployment and ongoing optimization of SD-WAN solutions.

Performance Enhancement: Maximize network efficiency and minimize downtime.

Cost-Efficient Scalability: Scale your network infrastructure without compromising performance.

Firewall Fortification

Our Firewall Fortification services are designed to protect your digital perimeter from evolving cyber threats. NewGen Networks implements cutting-edge firewall solutions, ensuring a robust defense against unauthorized access, malware, and other security risks. Trust us to fortify your network with customized firewall configurations.

Firewall Implementation: Deploying state-of-the-art firewalls tailored to your organizational needs.

Continuous Monitoring: Real-time monitoring to detect and thwart potential security breaches.

Rule Configuration and Compliance: Customized firewall rules to align with your security policies.

Endpoint Security Solutions

Ensure the security of every digital endpoint with our Endpoint Security Solutions. NewGen Networks employs advanced technologies to safeguard your devices, data, and applications. From threat detection to timely response, our services provide comprehensive endpoint protection, minimizing security risks across your network.

Endpoint Protection Platforms: Implementing robust security platforms for every digital endpoint.

Threat Intelligence: Proactive identification and mitigation of endpoint security threats.

Secure Remote Access: Ensuring secure access for remote devices without compromising security.

Audit & Cost Recovery

NewGen Network provides a full range of telecommunications and financial management services to align your services with what your business truly needs. Our services guide businesses to establish robust, data-driven professional systems that maximize management dollars.

Historical Audit & Expense Reviews: We quickly convert your old data into a unified database and help you establish reports that cover the most important financial indicators for your business. Businesses today are drowning in financial data; we sort it out.

Contract Review & Analysis: We know the laws and regulations surrounding technology and help you prevent expensive mistakes. When researching for new telecom carriers or analyzing your current telecom contract, we ensure that you’re within the law and that your own rights are entirely protected.

RFP & Bid Management: NewGen Network streamlines your RFP and bidding operations. We provide customized databases and templates for your company and your business partners, and we ensure a seamless communications flow among your sales, marketing, development, and other involved departments.

Cloud Services

Today more than ever you need a partner like NewGen Network to help navigate the world of Cloud Services. We have the best dynamic solutions for Disaster Recovery, Hosted PBX, Virtual Servers, Desktop Services and Data Storage.

Speed: NewGen Network can accelerate your cloud services with intelligent software that overcomes unreliable networks, congestion, inefficient protocols and malicious attacks.

Security: NewGen Network offers cloud security solutions are built with the intelligence gathered from delivering 15 to 30% of the world’s web interactions every day.

Scalability: The scale and capacity of cloud services keep pace with the increasing volume of web traffic, proliferation of devices, complexity of interactions and growth of cyber threats.

Voice & Data

With over 200 National and International carriers to choose from we can find a perfect solution for your business in the area of PRI, SIP Trunks, Analog Lines, Internet Access and MPLS.

SIP Trunk for Small to Medium Business: Fully-integrated  solutions that combine audio, video and web applications so you can conduct effective communications from virtually anywhere.

Unified Communications & Collaboration: Access the communication building blocks and services you need to empower your global workforce and transform your business.

Conferencing: Host or attend business meetings using our high-quality video, audio and web-conferencing tools, enabling you to communicate clearly, share files, make presentations and more.